Battle of THE GODS (epic) (yup, we couldn't come up with a better name :D) is a turn based deck building game where the god of nature and the god of civilisation fight over the controle of the land. You can play differnt cards to manipulate the terrain and build towns or magical trees. The game ends when one god dominates all tiles. But there is only limited mana in each turn and you have to take in to account that every turn the season changes which might affect some of teh structures on the board. Controlls: Select Card and play card on tile: left mouse Move Camera: Mouse or WASD

Made in 48 hours at Global Game Jam 2022!


Daniel Schulz (Code)

Luisa Meinlschmidt (3D Art)

Natalie Kurth (2D Art)

Paul Redetzky (Code)

Steffen Schreiber (SFX, Music)


Download 57 MB
Version 15 3 days ago
Download 57 MB
Version 14 3 days ago

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